Trends in Portland Metro Homeownership Affordability

About ECONorthwest:

ECONorthwest created these maps in partnership with the Portland Housing Center.

ECONorthwest is a consulting firm based in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in economics, finance, and planning. We help our clients make thoughtful, data-driven decisions using tools and methods that meet the highest standards of best practice. Our consultants have advanced degrees in a variety of fields, including economics, planning, and public policy and work on projects ranging from strategy to implementation. Our staff have completed more than a dozen studies related to affordable housing over the last year for clients in Oregon, Washington, and beyond.

For more information, please contact Allison Tivnon at 503-222-6060.

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About Portland Housing Center:

Portland Housing Center is a nonprofit organization founded in 1991 with support from the City of Portland, some local banks, and concerned citizens. They were founded to ensure all Portland residents had equal access to information and resources to achieve homeownership. They specialize in providing each of our home buyers with education, counseling, financial resources, and other home-buying support.

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About We Call This Home:

ECONorthwest and PHC, together with the North Star Civic Foundation and other partners, are pleased to sponsor a series of civic conversations about race, wealth, and home ownership. The goal of these conversations is to ensure that the decisions we make as a growing city reflect both the wisdom we've gained through our shared history of inequality, and also the visions we share for a safe, abundant, and affordable place for all to live. These maps, which illuminate the geographic patterns of economic access to the housing market, are central to the conversations.

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